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It was a privilege having all of you in the class. Some of you are going onto to life post-Colby, and we all will miss you. To those of you remaining, I look forward to seeing you this fall. On a more bureaucratic note, I’m not counting new submissions her towards your grade. Enjoy the … Continue reading

Thoughts about it-narratives, theme, and contemporary cinema

*Make up post* In an it-narrative an object circulates from character to character, group to group, connecting numerous unrelated episodes into one continuous narrative. For the last three classes we’ve been discussing Pompey the Little, a novel whose “it” is, unconventionally, a living dog. As expected, Pompey circulates from character to character, class to class … Continue reading

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By Jack Halberstam We all know that Hollywood movies emerge out of a, shall we say, limited gene pool of ideas; and when that pool runs dry, the stumped screenplay writers just shuffle the jigsaw puzzle pieces of accepted story lines around until they come up with apparently new narratives.…

Supergroup 4 & 5: The History of Pompey the Little

by Christina Damon, David Deneroff, Sammy Draper, Sierra Mitchell, Chris Rocco, and Daniel Seo Francis Coventry’s The History of Pompey the Little pgs. 105-159 Pompey is a witness to society, and he lacks emotional ties to his owners and the people he encounters. In Coventry’s text. there is a distinct lack of sympathy, contrary to … Continue reading

Pomp: Book II Chapter I

A Dissertation upon Nothing. That great Master of human Nature, the ingenious Author of Tom Jones, who justly styles himself King of Biographers, published an Edict in his last Work, declaring, that no Person hereafter should presume to write a Novel, without prefixing a prefatory Chapter to every Book, under the Penalty of being deemed … Continue reading

Supergroup 3: The History of Pompey the Little

by Hannah Fillmore-Patrick, Mike Langley, and Allie Rigby Wednesday, 25 April Pompey. Dedication (32) –  End of Volume 1 (104) SATIRE “POMPEY, the Son of Julio and Phyllis, was born A. D. 1735 at Bologna in Italy, a Place famous for Lap-Dogs and Sausages. Both his Parents were of the most illustrious Families, descended from … Continue reading

Schedule Tweak, Presentations, Final Papers, etc

I truly enjoyed our discussion today. Some updates: New Reading and Presentation Schedule (Secondary sources have been dropped; I’ll highlight some of the material in class) Monday, 23 April Discuss Woman and Victim. Discuss possible formations of Final Projects and Exams. If you like, you can make suggestions in the comments here or email me prior … Continue reading