Posted in February 2012

Are rich people more unethical?

Hey team, Saw this article on CNN. It’s an interesting read that tangentially connects to our discussion about class and morality. “In addition, Gore says, experiments that test people’s willingness to behave unethically only say so much about their day-to-day behavior. “This study really shows that people who identify as higher social class are more … Continue reading

Character Reliability

In class on Wednesday, our discussion on Pamela as a character turned into a debate about whether or not we can believe in the character of Pamela. I found it very interesting that some in the class found Pamela unrealistic as a person. They argued that her actions seemed not like a fifteen year old … Continue reading

Pamela’s Power & Class

Every aspect of Pamela, her ideas on money, her labor, her clothing and her writing shows her limbo between classes. Pamela isn’t exactly in the labor class, although she is a servant. Yet she isn’t at a higher class, as Mr. B says that he could not marry her because of her place. Pamela shows … Continue reading

An Education

In class last Wednesday, we  ended the class discussing if and what kind of power Pamela possesses in the novel and the eery collapse between the reader and Mr. B when he finally reads Pamela’s letters. And, in the context of our discussion about the level of Pamela’s consciousness of both her effect on others and the … Continue reading

Re-Posting Group Timeline

Re-Posting Group Timeline

Posting this again for clarification. Guidelines for Pamela Keyword Contributions: 1) Each person in the group choose an entry (a letter, or in the case Letter 32, a section or two). An entry should be more than 2 pages. Compare it to the 1740 version (or if you have the 1740, compare it to the … Continue reading

Bhabha Extra Credit

Bhabha Extra Credit

Because I want to encourage you at attend the Bhabha event, here is the extra credit purposed. You have a choice. If you attend the roundtable (checking in with me afterwards), you get credit for 2 comments (which means you can take either this week or next week off). If you attend the roundtable or … Continue reading

Pamela: Something to Comment on

When we have had more presentations, there will be more student-authored posts on which you can comment. Until then, here are some questions to consider. If you are not presenting this week, then you should comment this week. 1) To what extent does Richardson’s novel fit into the theories of the novel espoused by Hunter, … Continue reading

Pamela Keyword Guidelines

Pamela Keyword Guidelines

I was a bit puzzled during Monday’s class by the page differences between our editions. I looked into this today (Tuesday, 14 Feb) and realized that the bookstore (and therefore you) had the 1801 Penguin version, not the 1740 Oxford version. This presents us with an interesting opportunity. One of the things I find fascinating … Continue reading