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As a test run, create a comment (here if you like) or a post on the blog to show that everything is working. Also, go over to the Keywords page:

Sign up and write something there.

As for user names, you can either make something up on the blog or do something close to your name. I recommend choosing a name that I can recognize, but remember that anyone in the world can access this site, so it would be best not to use your first and last name. If I were a student, I’d be “EmilyK” instead of “Emnkugler” (I want to be found by my surname). You can also be Hogarth, if you like.

Here are some questions to think about for Wednesday:

1) Besides the fact that he is visiting at the end of the month, why is Bhabha’s article in this particular cluster of reading?

2) To what extent do you find that the scholarship on novels from Monday fits with your reading of the eighteenth-century writing we are reading on Wednesday?

3) What connections do you see between the reading so far and your other classes (literature focused or otherwise)?

4) What was something you reacted to in the reading? Your response can be intellectual or affective (after all, sensibility will be a recurring theme in the course). Much of the reading for Wednesday deals with the act of reading. I would like your dual roles as scholars and readers to stay in the forefront of our conversation.



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