Posted in March 2012

One in Five Women in 1700s London were Prostitutes

After our class discussion on Monday, I was browsing the web looking for something interesting that may help with our upcoming group assignments, when I stumbled across this very interesting webpage. From CanadianContent, the site presents some fascinating facts about women who chose to be prostitutes. Just like our class discussion, the greatest benefit in being prostitutes is the financial gain.


Check out the site HERE 

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Mr. B’s Magical Transformation (Among Other Issues)

In our presentation, Chris, Daniel and I discussed Pamela’s identity. The Ingrassia quote that we used articulates Pamela’s “imaginative and textual creation of self” that “represents her unwavering investment in her virtue” (313). Her identity is fundamentally a construct that gives her power in her relationship with B. The discussion that this quote generated was … Continue reading

Class Boundaries in Peril

“They say I’m no good, cause I’m so hood, rich folks do not want me around… They call me new money, say I have no class, I’m from the bottom I came up too fast.” – 50 Cent “If you were descended from a family of yesterday, from one who is but a remove or … Continue reading

Anti-Pamela Keyword Assignment

No Presentations this time or blog posts. I will expect your group to take point in class conversations on your assigned days. Individually find scenes in Anti-Pamela that you think respond to Pamela. Include a brief explanation on why. Post these according to Keywords: Be prepared to discuss this in class. Post to Keywords … Continue reading

Chrianna: The Novel

Due to the unfortunate fact that my group (Sammy, Daniel, and I) had run out of time because our debate was so heated, my post will be a continuation of the Gender keyword ideas and arguments brought up in class. Thank you to Eliza A. in putting it so clearly as a “Chris Brown/Rhianna” relationship, … Continue reading