Maureen Dowd mentions Pamela!

Hey Team,

Read this in the New York Times the other day; Pamela is still in the news.


2 thoughts on “Maureen Dowd mentions Pamela!

  1. I actually saw this too and was sort of baffled by it. While reading the beginning I even thought, “Hmmm, this kind of reminds me of Pamela…” and then they mentioned her! I, however, disagreed with a lot of the article, especially when she says, “‘Every good dominant knows that the submissive is really the partner in control,’ she says. ‘All a submissive woman has to do is relax and enjoy the ride while delicious sexual acts are visited upon her. She’s the star of the proceedings. Someone is ministering to her needs for a change. Master is choreographing all the action.'” BS! I feel that is a huge generalization to make and she doesn’t quite prove her point with this statement at all. It may just me, but I feel the whole idea of the woman being submissive and “along for the ride” doesn’t seem ideal at all and quite boring. Also, she hated on the Nor-Cal with her statement, “A woman has the right to pretend she’s being raped by a pirate if that’s what she wants to pretend. Very few people act out their fantasies, except in Northern California.” …. No words.

  2. My last comment was deleted. So here’s a shorter version.

    Thank you for posting this, michaeltl

    The titles Dowd brings up (with the exception of _50 Shades_) do come up frequently in discussions of power dynamics in “typical romance” plots (I have problems with this label, but let’s put that to the side for now).

    The question the article doesn’t ask is why do these stories continue in popular culture? Is it really because women tend towards submissive fantasies? Or is this just the narratives that get traction from other areas besides just readers? _Pamela_ may fit this mold, but what about _Anti-Pamela_ and _The Woman of Colour_?

    There was a BBC special on this a few years ago. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

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