Victim of Predjudice

Dear All,

Here’s a quick change to the syllabus. Thank you for the reminder that page numbers and the Simpson article were not up yet. As a result, I’m changing this week’s schedule a bit.


Week 10: Cultures of Silence


May Hays’ Victim of Prejudice  Try to get at least to Ch. 7 of of Volume I. If possible do all of volume I


Wednesday: 4/18

Victim of Prejudice Finish

Antony E. Simpson’s “Popular Perceptions of Rape as a Capital Crime in Eighteenth-Century England: The Press and the Trial of Francis Charteris in the Old Bailey, February 1730”


Sarah Ahmed and Halberstram Handout (given in class)


I’m going to drop the Keyword assignments for now. From now, comments and posts will just be on this WordPress Blog


What I’d like by Friday from all of you is a response to both of the following questions.


1) What is your feedback on the joint class with Women Writers of the Global South last week?

2) To what extent do you see Hays and the anonymous author of The Woman of Colour critiquing or challenging conventional narratives for women (i.e., a female bildungsroman that ends with the woman securing a place in society through marriage, though that place often requires a retreat from the public sphere)?

Feel free to post or add questions to these,


For the week dealing with Pompey, we will return to another round of presentations and posts.



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