Schedule Tweak, Presentations, Final Papers, etc

I truly enjoyed our discussion today.
Some updates:

New Reading and Presentation Schedule (Secondary sources have been dropped; I’ll highlight some of the material in class)

Monday, 23 April

Discuss Woman and Victim. Discuss possible formations of Final Projects and Exams. If you like, you can make suggestions in the comments here or email me prior to class.

Bring handout from Wednesday:

Groups 1-2: In your separate groups (you can form a mass super group or divide up the novels, if you like), come up with appx 2 passages and 3 questions about either text. If possible link them to each other or to what you see as main themes in the course. Post the questions to the blog by Sunday.

Everyone else, please read them before class and respond to at least one of the questions posed on one (of the possible two) posts.

Wednesday, 25 April

Pompey. Dedication (p.32) to end of Volume 1, Ch. 11 (p. 104).

Group 3: Same basic assignment, but the posts are due on Tuesday. You can also connect your responses to points raised on Monday.

Everyone else, if you can comment before class, that’s wonderful. If not, just try to get it in by Friday. If you are short on comments, this is a good time to do some more.

Monday, 30 April

Pompey. Volume 1, Ch. 12 (p. 105) to Volume 2, Ch. 5 (p. 159). Pay special attention to the opening chapter of Volume 2.

Groups 4-5: See instructions for Group 1-2

5 added to this day!

Wednesday, 2 May

Pompey. Volume 2, Ch. 6 (p. 159) to end (p. 215).


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