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Supergroup 4 & 5: The History of Pompey the Little

by Christina Damon, David Deneroff, Sammy Draper, Sierra Mitchell, Chris Rocco, and Daniel Seo Francis Coventry’s The History of Pompey the Little pgs. 105-159 Pompey is a witness to society, and he lacks emotional ties to his owners and the people he encounters. In Coventry’s text. there is a distinct lack of sympathy, contrary to … Continue reading

Mr. B’s Magical Transformation (Among Other Issues)

In our presentation, Chris, Daniel and I discussed Pamela’s identity. The Ingrassia quote that we used articulates Pamela’s “imaginative and textual creation of self” that “represents her unwavering investment in her virtue” (313). Her identity is fundamentally a construct that gives her power in her relationship with B. The discussion that this quote generated was … Continue reading