Course Policies


Assigned Reading should be read (and reread) prior to the date it appears on the schedule. Information for other reading assignments will be sent to the class by email.

Richardson, Samuel. Pamela (Oxford) ISBN-10: 0140431403
Haywood, Eliza and Henry Fielding. Anti-Pamela/Shamela (Broadview) ISBN-10: 155111383X Coventry, Francis. The History of Pompey the Little (Broadview) ISBN-10: 1551117347

Hays, Mary. Victim of Prejudice (Broadview) ISBN: 9781551112176
Anon. The Woman of Colour (Broadview) ISBN-10: 1551111764



My official office hours are listed above. If you need to make an appointment for another time, email me at least 12 hours before your proposed time. My Thursday office hours will be through Google Talk, which is part of your Colby email account. I am also open to discussing issues and ideas over email.


According to Colby’s policy, you allowed TWO unexcused absences according to college policy. Excused absences and emergencies usually leave a paper trail. Please contact me as soon as you are aware of any conflict with the class.


I like them. I am willing to give feedback on multiple drafts provided that the following occurs:

1)   It is at least 48 hours before the due date.

2)   You have a specific issue for my feedback (I will comment on other things, too, but you should know what your main concerns are for that specific draft)

3)   It is sent by email or shared on Google docs as either a .doc, .docx, or .pdf  file format


More details will be provided on the blog for specific assignments.

In general, though, I accept and heavily penalize late assignments for a week after their due date. After that, the assignment receives a zero.


Whether intended or unintended, an assignment with any plagiarized portions will receive an automatic F. We will meet and discuss the issue. Depending on the severity of the case (i.e., the plagiarized content, not the authorial intent), higher authorities may be contacted. Acknowledge those that help you. Cite it. Even if you are unsure on the format, ask and if it is last minute, make sure it is clear that you are not passing off someone else’s work as your own. Scholarship takes place within on-going conversations. Acknowledge how the work of others has helped produce yours.


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