Victim of Predjudice

Dear All, Here’s a quick change to the syllabus. Thank you for the reminder that page numbers and the Simpson article were not up yet. As a result, I’m changing this week’s schedule a bit.   Week 10: Cultures of Silence Monday:4/16 May Hays’ Victim of Prejudice  Try to get at least to Ch. 7 of … Continue reading

Another Dido

Another Dido

Slavery and Justice Exhibition at Kenwood House | English Heritage. From the website: Dido Elizabeth Belle and The First Earl of Mansfield Dido Elizabeth Belle grew up at Kenwood House, Hampstead, London NW3, (now an English Heritage property, 020 8348 1286). She was the great-niece of William Murray, The First Earl of Mansfield, who as … Continue reading

Midterms and This Week

I’m enjoying reading the midterms. Thank you for working on this collaborative project. It’s an experiment, and I hope you enjoyed working together. We will take a break from keywords this week. What I would like you to do is to comment on this post by noon Wednesday on one (or more) of the following … Continue reading

One in Five Women in 1700s London were Prostitutes

After our class discussion on Monday, I was browsing the web looking for something interesting that may help with our upcoming group assignments, when I stumbled across this very interesting webpage. From CanadianContent, the site presents some fascinating facts about women who chose to be prostitutes. Just like our class discussion, the greatest benefit in being prostitutes is the financial gain.


Check out the site HERE 

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