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Anti-Pamela Keyword Assignment

No Presentations this time or blog posts. I will expect your group to take point in class conversations on your assigned days. Individually find scenes in Anti-Pamela that you think respond to Pamela. Include a brief explanation on why. Post these according to Keywords: http://keywords.fordhamitac.org/wiki2/index.php?title=Colby_College:_Histories_and_Theories_of_the_18th_Century_British_Novel_Spring_2012 Be prepared to discuss this in class. Post to Keywords … Continue reading

Pamela: Something to Comment on

When we have had more presentations, there will be more student-authored posts on which you can comment. Until then, here are some questions to consider. If you are not presenting this week, then you should comment this week. 1) To what extent does Richardson’s novel fit into the theories of the novel espoused by Hunter, … Continue reading